Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July - Summer Fun

Growing up, Fourth of July meant a big cookout with extended family, swimming in our backyard pool all day, and having fireworks. They were some of my favorite early childhood memories. Today, we did none of those things, but I feel confident that the kids had a great time and I enjoyed creating new Fourth of July traditions.

For the second year in a row, we attended for Fourth of July Festival at Birkdale. Jesse and Amelia chose to stay home while I took Jackson, James, and Maddie. We were intentionally late so we missed the bike parade. We arrived just as they turned on the fire truck hoses. The boys splashed around under the enormous spray of water. 

Everything at the festival was free, with the only price being waiting in lines. I let the kids choose what they wanted to do. They elected to sit on the police motorcycle and firetrucks, then jump on the inflatable bounce house. We missed out on balloon characters and face painting because they had the longest lines.

Our late afternoon and evening was spent with good food and company. Our friends invited us over for dinner and water play. The adults ate steak kebabs and drank copious amounts of beer while the kids wreaked havoc upstairs, then played with all things water related in the yard.

Four hours later, we had wet, naked, exhausted children. After a late night last night and a long day today, the kids fell asleep without a fight. It was the definition of a great summer day!

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