Sunday, July 31, 2016

Schiele Museum

This is another long overdue post that's been in draft mode for two months. At the end of May I took the kids to the Schiele Museum for the afternoon. I'm posting today because several of my friends happened to share photos of their trips there this weekend. It's a great museum and one I grew up visiting. Here are a few silly moments and photos from our museum outing in May. Amelia was fired up this particular day (like most days) so prepare for a lot of Amelia anecodotes.

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by this large dinosaur skeleton. Amelia kept walking around with her arms up, shouting, "So big! Roar!" The others sang, "We are the dinosaurs marching, marching."

We toured the space exhibit, though I didn't take any good pictures. Next, we spent time looking at the animals, both living and taxidermied.

I went to take a picture of the girls in front of the bears and Amelia shrieked, "Wait. I be right back!" as she rushed around the corner. She came back with a black bear puppet from the kids' area and proceeded to impersonate the stuffed bear.

Nearly half of the museum was closed due to renovations so we didn't spend as much time inside as usual. Once again, Amelia cracked me up when she said, "Hey, she has tails, too!" referring to the American Indian figure with pigtails.

I remember thinking at the time that it was hot outside, but that seems laughable right now in the heat of summer. The garden was in full bloom.

We admired the farm animals (sheep, pigs, and chickens) both near and far.

Some of us admired them more than others.

The outdoor exhibits also include a grist mill. Now that the kids are older, we were able to walk down a hill and wade in the creek.

Jackson cracked me up with his shoe selection. He went through a few weeks where he was obsessed with wearing these black dress up shoes. 

 Lastly, we played in the Stone Age exhibit before heading back to the van.

Despite the closed exhibits, it was a great afternoon at one of my favorite museums. I look forward to taking the kids to the planetarium in the future.

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