Thursday, July 7, 2016

Intimidators Game--June 25

One of the items on our summer bucket list was to attend a baseball game as a family. A local minor league team had a Star Wars night a few weeks ago, making it an obvious decision for which game we'd attend. It was the trio's first baseball game and first time seeing fireworks.

We were immediately greeted by the gator mascot, dressed as a Jedi.  

There were various Star Wars activities found, including this game where children had to keep a balloon in the air using a foam light saber.

The best part about the game was most of our family also chose to attend. As crowded and late as it was, it definitely took a village to occupy, supervise, and entertain the six kids (ages six and under).

As far as actual baseball goes, the kids and I didn't watch more than five consecutive minutes. It was more of background rather than the main event. In fact, I don't even know which team won.

The balloon artist gave us what he claimed to be a light saber. The kids alternated hitting one another with it until we eventually took it away. (or maybe it popped? This is what I get for waiting two weeks to blog.)

MiMi funded merry-go-round rides for everyone.

It took a 1:1 adult toddler ratio to ride safely since it was surprisingly fast!

Jesse and I didn't initially plan to stay for fireworks. As we got closer to the end of the game, we decided to wait it out. We killed time by making silly faces, walking around the stands, eating Italian ice, and taking multiple trips to the nearby playground.

I don't think we could have stuck it out without cousins to play with.

At last, the game ended and we settled on the stands to watch the fireworks show, complete with Star Wars themed music. The boys and I enjoyed it, but Jesse ended up taking two crying girls back to the van. Poor Maddie and Amelia were not fans!

I don't know how much the trio actually cared for the baseball game or fireworks, but it's another family first to cross off the list. We were surrounded by family, tasty treats, music, games, and fun. I'll consider our first family baseball game a success!

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