Monday, July 18, 2016

What Not To Do When You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Jesse has been dealing with increasing pain from his wisdom teeth for several weeks. He had a consultation with an oral surgeon last week, who scheduled to remove all four wisdom teeth today. Per the doctor's requests, I accompanied Jesse to his appointment while my oldest sister watched the kids. From check-in to departure was under an hour. (Yet it cost nearly a second mortgage!) Narcotics remove any filter that Jesse once had, making it an amusing ride home. I took several hilarious video clips but will not be posting them due to the foul language. 

We were told to expect heavy bleeding the first 3 hours. The directions said to change the gauze every 20-30 minutes until the bleeding subsided. Unfortunately, the drive home was on a major interstate with bumper to bumper traffic. Then I had to run inside the pharmacy to drop off his prescriptions. I should have helped him change the gauze in the parking lot, but I was more concerned about keeping him in the car and not shouting at customers.

As soon as we got home, the kids ran up to see him. Jesse's whole mouth and teeth were bloody. I was trying to get him in the bathroom but he literally ran around saying, "Daddy's a monster". Keep in mind, the swollen face caused a severe slur in speech. Maddie became hysterical at the frightening sound and sight of her father. She immediately went upstairs in her room, buried herself under her blanket, and clutched her barbie.

It's taken her all evening to stop crying and repeating, "Daddy scary". I had to tell Jesse not to come downstairs. Since he elected not to take his pain medicine, I later found him curled under his blanket with the same distraught expression.

Thankfully, everyone is sleeping peacefully now. Let's hope Day 2 post-op goes more smoothly!

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  1. Oh no poor baby...Maddie, not so much Jesse :) Scaring that sweet girl!