Thursday, July 14, 2016

Job Search Update

For months, I've been over analyzing every possible school, teaching position, career change, etc. I've followed timelines and had logistical headaches, trying to make sure Jackson is in a great school and I am in a role where I can be challenged and needed. I've written about my frustrating to-do lists and job search wish lists.

Over the past four months, I have interviewed with 13 different schools. Thirteen schools! Ten of those interviews took place at the school site; three were at the job fair. Many of those interviews required follow-up interviews, additional essays, analyzing assessment data, and teaching lessons to classes. I was highly critical of every school and turned down multiple job offers. The schools I felt convinced would be a perfect fit didn't offer me a job. As someone who likes to plan and control every detail, this period of uncertainty caused me to be in constantly anxious state.

Things are finally coming together and I feel surprisingly optimistic about everything. I finally accepted a job offer and have stopped searching for other jobs. Here are the quick facts about where I will be working next year.

  • I will be teaching 4th grade (all subjects) at a K-8 school.
  • It's a STEM magnet school (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
  • The school has exceeded growth and their letter grade is a solid B. 
  • It is not a Title I school. While it may not be affluent, it is a very different socioeconomic level than I'm accustomed to.
  • The demographics are about 70% African American and 15% Hispanic. Jackson will be in a very small minority. 
  • Students are ability grouped, and I will be teaching one of the highest performing classes.
  • The entire 4th grade team is new to the school (though not new to teaching). 
  • My commute time is a whopping eight minutes.
  • Teacher hours are from 8-4.

I forgot how tedious the hiring process is. I spent so many months trying to find the right school. Once I finally committed to a school, I didn't realize all the things I needed to do before I could even sign a contract. Within the last week I have:

  • uploaded my renewed teaching license and college transcripts
  • attended an all day orientation
  • sat in a large closet/sauna/overcrowded waiting room for four hours to complete fingerprinting and drug testing
  • scheduled an appointment and enrolled in benefits
  • had a physical and TB test
  • set up a checking account/direct deposit
  • completed Request for Student Transfer forms so Jackson can attend the same school

I will be meeting with my 4th grade team and facilitator the first week in August. I also need to start moving things out of the attic and figure out when I can put them in my classroom. I fear the best of summer is over, but I'm hopeful we can continue to create some incredible family memories this next month. Another huge thing I still have on my to-do list is securing childcare for Jackson during the two weeks of workdays and kindergarten half-days.

I have a wide range of emotions when I really think about going back to work, but I'll save those reflections for another post. For now, I'm just relieved I can begin making real plans and know where Jackson and I will be next year.

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  1. Fourth grade is my favorite! I am so glad you found the right fit, snd have such a short drive. :)