Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Attempt at "Solids"

After talking with my friend's mother and some other moms in my birth club, I was reassured that Jackson is not malnourished or dying.  Everyone (doctor, lactation consulant, and other moms) suggested we introduce solids.  Jesse picked up some rice cereal and I manually expressed 2 ounces of breastmilk.

We followed the directions of mixing 1 tbsp of cereal with 4 tbsp of milk.  There was absolutely nothing solid about it!  Regardless, Jackson seemed excited.

At first he seemed very intrigued as he crossed his eyes focusing on the spoon and opening his mouth wide.

Then he let it dribble out of his mouth.

  And then he just wanted to bite the spoon and make wretched faces.
He ended up actually swallowing about a third of what we prepared. 

I tried again an hour later after we went for a walk.  (I didn't want to waste my precious milk.)  He ate a good bit more but got off track once he realized he could grab the bowl and spoon from my hand!

Oh well...we'll try again another day!

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  1. I'd say 1/3 is pretty darn good! I'm aiming for oatmeal trials in the very near future with Jude.