Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend!  (Happy birthday weekend, Jesse!)

Yes, the ridiculous song does stay in your head.  I forgot how satisfying Friday's are after working all week.  Today consisted of more team planning and a professional development on the new national standards.  Right as I was about to pump the fire alarm went off and a voice came over the intercom saying, "This is not a drill.  Please evacuate the building."  No firetrucks arrived and no further explanation was given.  Once back in the building I locked my door and pumped away.  An administrator unlocked my door and walked right in!  So much for privacy.  (She apologized and said she was taking inventory on furniture.)

I gave Jesse a hard time for not taking any photos today.  This was the only photo he took today. 
Not sure what the grimace is for, but Jesse said he cleaned toilets all day.  He downplayed the fact that he slept until 9, ate an artery-clogging breakfast, and watched a lot of TV.  I have to give him a hard time, but we all know he does everything around the house!
I nursed Jackson and played with him before he curled against me for a nap.  We both were hot from the body heat.  I think it's adorable that one of the first places we sweat is on our nose.

Jesse wanted to go to the Mayflower tonight.   We had a less than mediocre experience due to a very negligent waitress.  I'm certain Jesse has never stiffed a waitress before until today, but she really was terrible.  At least Jackson had a good time.  He struggled to sit up in his carseat so much so that I just propped his seat up so he could look around.  He stared at every single person that walked past our table and gave away the biggest grins anytime someone stopped to talk to him.

Jackson is sleeping peacefully in his crib and Jesse and I are about to watch American Pickers.  Ah...Friday night!

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  1. They walked in on you while pumping??? Are you kidding? I would have had a cow!

    Toilet cleaning & baby wearing...not a combo even *I* have considered