Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Five Months--Then and Now

My sweet baby is five months old today.  See what all has changed in the last five months...

From a one month old to a five month old, Jackson's feet now dangle off of his bouncer.

Jackson has transformed from a cautious, over-stimulated three month old to a spinning, self-entertaining five month old in his exersaucer.

Jackson once drank a bottle every other day, though he now consumes three bottles a day, in addition to nursing and eating rice cereal or oatmeal.  Our breastfeeding days are numbered though as I am continuing to pump 4 or more ounces less than what Jackson consumes while I am at work.

The bumbo has evolved from an uncomfortable place of self-loathe to a regular space where Jackson can happily supervise his daddy.

Tummy time used to result in crying or sleeping.  Jackson now props himself up and plays with his pacifier and toys while on his tummy.

Jackson still loves to nap on our lap, though he doesn't quite fit the same as he did four and a half months ago.

Jackson's relationship with Cowbell has gone from apathy to admiration.

Jackson spent the first two months of his life sleeping in his baby bed between Mommy and Daddy.  We've battled over night wakings, hourly feedings, and swaddling issues.  Most recently, Jack has only awoken to eat twice (around 2 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.) and is able to sleep peacefully with one arm unswaddled.

His other accomplishments from the last month include sucking on his feet, upgrading to the convertible carseat, graduating from the swing to the baby jumper, and cutting his first tooth.  We are still working on sitting up unassisted, napping in the crib, and preparing to crawl.

Happy five months, baby Jack!

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