Friday, September 16, 2011


I feel like I haven't even seen Jackson this week!

Monday afternoon consisted of the lamest workshop EVER until 6:30 pm.  Everything about it was painful. 

Tuesday afternoon I had a doctor's appointment.

Jackson and Jesse had a fussy day on Wednesday.  I don't know what their issue was, but Jackson fought sleep like he never has before, which is quite wearing on Jesse.  I also had a crappy day as my SmartBoard died (for real died!) and the bulb blew (smoke cloud and firecracker sounds).  So much for technology. 

Thursday night was Curriculum Night at school, which meant another 13 hour workday.  I couldn't bare the thought of not spending any time with Jackson so Jesse agreed to bring Jack to school for lunch and recess.  My kids were so excited to meet them.  The students kept touching Jackson's feet and petting him, even though I said not to touch him.  My principal and assistant principal finally got to meet my family, too.  Jesse was able to see my crazy Vietnamese kids run up trees and spiral through the air and see the many other students.  I kept holding Jackson, even when recess was over and we were beginning science.  If I could just ensure that Jackson wouldn't cry during the day I could keep him at school the whole time.
We had all of six parents attend Curriculum Night.  I wish I could say I was productive after school, but I am mentally drained after the kids dismiss.  Of course I missed out on evening playtime with Jackson, but Jesse took photos for me.  
By the time I got home, Jackson was already upstairs awaiting to be nursed.  Jesse and I enjoyed breakfast for a late dinner before going to bed.

Jackson spent Friday morning with his PaPa while Jesse attended the funeral of a family friend.  I got stuck in traffic on the way home, but was able to tickle and kiss on Jackson plenty before going out for Japanese food.

Now it's the weekend and I cannot wait to make up for lost time with my sweet boy!

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