Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things I Took For Granted Before Motherhood

  • Spending time with my husband 
    • I naively assumed Jesse and I would both be teachers forever and always have the same schedule.  There was a time where I longed for time away and evenings alone.  Now here we are working completely opposite schedules in order to avoid daycare and all I want is to eat dinner together every night. 
  • Spontaneously getting my eyebrows waxed or haircut
    • These are the only two things that I have yet to do with Jackson.  I used to drive by on a whim to get my hair cut or eyebrows waxed, though these have to be planned now.
  • My sex drive
    • Has anyone seen it?  I need to create a "Wanted" ad or check the Lost & Found.
  • Getting to church on time
    • Jackson's morning nap falls at the same time as getting ready for church.  We can never seem to make it before 11.  Every Sunday it's something different--an explosive diaper resulting in an impromptu bath, waiting for late nursery workers, cleaning spit up off of my blouse, etc.
  • Watching movies
    • A few summers ago Jesse and I went to the dollar theater every week.  We haven't gone to a movie theater since I was pregnant.  I don't even like to watch movies from Netflix because I can't stand pausing movies and I'm too tired by the time Jackson goes to bed. 
  • Uninterrupted phone calls
    • There are certain people I don't like talking to on the phone because I get distracted enough as it is.  I was offered $250 to complete a 90 minute phone survey but chose not to because I didn't know how that could be possible.
  • Quick errands
    • It was never a big deal to run by the grocery store to pick up something I forgot, though now it's something I avoid as much as possible.  Though I would never, ever leave a sleeping baby Jack in the car, it is so tempting. 
  • Using public restrooms
    • There have been multiple occasions where I couldn't use the restroom when we were out because I didn't know what to do with Jackson.  I can't exactly leave him outside the portajohn or bring an entire buggy into a bathroom stall.
  • Exercising
    • I assumed I would be one of those cute moms on the greenway with their child in a jogging stroller.  Clearly that has yet to happen.  I do miss running and I am wasting my gym membership, but I don't want to compromise my limited time with Jackson.

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  1. I laughed, perhaps a bit too hard, while reading this =P