Saturday, December 3, 2011

Low Key Adventures

I haven't been feeling too ambitious today.  Since Jesse started his job at Toys-R-Us, Jackson and I have spent our weekends at the beach, pumpkin patch, getting ready for Halloween, Renaissance Festival, Black Friday shopping, and Christmas decorating.  I feel like I have failed if I don't have some great experience or memorable pictures as proof of our weekend adventure.  We kept it very low key today and still enjoyed our time together.

Jesse didn't have to go in until noon today, so we enjoyed a few hours as a family together this morning.

Before long I was off to choir practice.  Jesse and I chose to quit choir when Jackson was born because we didn't want to disrupt our schedule by attending Wednesday evening rehearsals from 7:30-9 p.m.  That is way too late for Jackson.  I've missed singing with the choir immensely and was so excited to find out that they are having Saturday rehearsals solely for the Christmas cantata.  A member of the church has volunteered to watch Jackson in the nursery while I sing.  Jesse was able to watch him this morning since he was scheduled to go in later than usual.  It felt so, so good to be back in the choir!

I had planned to go to a spa party (similar to a Mary Kay or Thirty One party) with some women from the church, but when I got Jackson ready I realized that Jesse left my carseat in his car.  With no other choice, I decided today was a good day to install the new convertible carseat.  What a disaster!  I had to call Jesse at work for him to talk me through how to uninstall the Graco base.  Since I wasn't the one who installed it in the first place, I was genuinely clueless.  Putting the Evenflo Symphony in didn't take anywhere near as long as taking the old base out.  I watched a video online and cursed while literally wrestling with the "SureLatch connectors".  There is absolutely no slack with these connectors so I feel very confident that Jackson is not going anywhere.  The rear facing position is awfully reclined, but Jackson is content for now.  He seemed much more relaxed in his big boy carseat.

By the time I got Jackson in the carseat, it was too late to go to the spa party.  Instead, I cleaned out my car while Jackson supervised from the driver's seat.  He seriously sat there for ten minutes just playing with the steering wheel and cup holder.

Side note: Jackson's eyes are definitely changing, but I don't know how to describe them.  His right eye still has a speck of brown in it, just like his Grandpa.  I'm not sure what color they will end up, but I'm sure they'll be gorgeous with those long lashes.

The rest of our day consisted of napping, playing on the floor, eating, and bathing,  The dry winter has done no favors for Jackson's skin.  He is beginning to get cracks along the folds of his skin again.  I gave him a baking soda bath and rubbed him head to toe with his prescription creams, which is something I haven't done in over a month.  Hopefully his skin will clear up in the next week. 

Now that Jackson is in bed I have organized all of my digital photos into chronological folders on my computer and begun lesson plans.  I hope tomorrow is equally productive and relaxing...

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