Monday, December 19, 2011

Updates and Other Ramblings

Here are the various events from the past week that I have neglected to mention in previous blogs:

--Most of our downstairs flooded after the pipe connecting the kitchen sink to the groundwater broke on Friday evening.  We had to turn our water off overnight until a plumber could come the next morning.  Jesse had to make a late night run to buy a gallon of water so Jackson could still eat.  All is well, $300 later.

--Now that Jackson is eating more solids, his "spit up" is colorful vomit.  I never minded so much when it was regurgitated breastmilk, but now it totally grosses me out! 

--It's really hard for me not to judge other people's birth plans.  One of my coworkers gave birth to her son today.  Our staff received several text message updates, which caused many women to share their birth experiences.  I have no issues with people choosing to get an epidural or other pain medications.  However, one of my coworkers said she was on Facebook her entire labor and described it as "boring" and "uneventful".  I had to walk away without making any comments. 

--Jackson still isn't crawling, but he can get wherever he wants by lifting his entire upper body and pivoting around.

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