Friday, February 17, 2012

Bobcats Game

Last Friday, our principal told the 5th grade teachers to select four students each to go to the Bobcats game on Monday.  I selected four of my students who consistently make good choices.  I didn't realize that we were the ones who would be taking the kids to the game.  Mondays are tough no matter what, but working a 16-hour day makes it especially long.  This was the first day I literally did not see Jackson awake the entire day.  I felt incredibly guilty for putting my students before my child.

Despite internal struggles over balancing teaching and motherhood, I had a really fantastic evening.  We had Papa Johns delivered to the school at 5:30, ate, then drove uptown to the arena.  Each of the students were excited, but one of my homeless students made some especially precious comments.  He asked if we were watching the game from the inside or outside.  I didn't understand what he meant.  He clarified, "Do we get to go inside or are we watching it on the TV?"  He was referring to the jumbotron outside facing the street.  He had the absolute biggest grin on his face after I assured him that we would be sitting inside the coliseum.

Our seats were clearly in the nosebleed section, but the kids knew no better.  It was really amazing watching their enthusiastic reactions.  Their innocence and playful nature was highlighted during the halftime show watching inflatable character and eating popcorn and cotton candy.  Amidst all the attitudes and disrespect I deal with on a daily basis, it's too easy to forget that my students are 11 year old kids who just want to have fun.  I am grateful to have shared the experience with my teammates and some of my favorite students.

The Bobcats lost but they were neck and neck with the 76ers throughout the game.  I drove my students home and finally made it home myself around 10:45 p.m.  I woke Jackson up to cuddle with him before crashing in the bed. 

(Sidenote: The following morning my teammate informed me that the student she took home violently threw up three times in her new car.  I can't even begin to tell you how poorly I would have reacted had I been in her shoes.)

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