Monday, February 20, 2012

Park: Take Two

I couldn't resist taking Jackson to the park in this near 70 degree weather.  When Jesse and I lived on the opposite side of town, we used to take my nieces and nephews to this amazing park.  I happened to be in that area, so I took Jackson after work on Saturday.  Even though he just went to the park three weeks ago, this experience was rather different.  Now that he's mastered crawling and pulling up, he was all over the place.  He still loves swinging and spent half of his time in the swing.
This park had those tunnels that you crawl through.  Jackson was hesitant at first, but was amused when I crawled in on the opposite side.  He enjoyed exploring the equipment.
If you recall, Jackson was unimpressed by the slide last time.  He was still content going down the slide (with me holding him).  However, the real fun began when he figured out he could climb up the slide.  Of course he kept sliding back down after a certain point, but that didn't stop his persistence.

I wish I had thought ahead and brought a picnic lunch to have in the field.  We stayed over an hour before returning home for lunch.  Jackson must have played hard because he was knocked out before leaving the parking lot!

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