Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekends in Review

I have been a total slacker when it comes to updating the blog about miscellaneous outings and events.  I rarely ever actually blog on the weekdays, though I write multiple posts on the weekends and just publish them throughout the week. Lately, my weekends have been so busy that blogging has fallen down on the priority list.  I've managed to leave out lots of random trips.  Here are my Top 10 highlights from the past few weekends:

1. My brother's birthday party. 
I texted him ahead of time and asked if I could make him a German chocolate cake.  He was so sweet and seemed genuinely appreciative that I remembered it was his favorite.  (It doesn't take a lot to make him happy, though.)  My kitchen smelled just like my Granny's kitchen while making the frosting on the stove.

2. Bringing food to a former church member who had surgery. 
This guy is quite a character.  He's a slightly unstable Vietnam veteran with a heart of gold.  I baked him a huge lasagna and coconut cream pie before heading over to his "house".  It turns out he lives in this green trailer right beside the railroad tracks.  He has a key to the warehouse behind him that serves as his only access to the restroom/shower.  I seriously felt like I was in an earthquake when the train went by, as his whole trailer shook.  He told entertaining stories and enjoyed his food. 

3. Levi's birthday party. 
Apparently I like to take pictures of cake.  Unfortunately, I didn't actually get any pictures of Levi or Jackson, but everyone had a good time.  It was quite the packed house between the enormous amounts of food, crowds of people, bubbles, toys, and balloons. 
4. Superbowl
Jesse and I gorged on an entire family size bag of tortilla chips with a crockpot full of queso.  I graded over ten sets of papers while watching the game.  Neither one of us particularly cared about the teams playing, but we watched the entire game.  Despite losing 18 lbs (as of today), I haven't tracked anything on SparkPeople since the Superbowl and am slowly going back to poor eating habits.

5. Reviewing fire safety
Strange, I know.  We have five students who are participating in a Fire Safety Bowl in March.  They basically have to memorize a 17 chapter manual that teaches everything you would ever want to know about fire safety.  The fifth grade teachers provide transportation and breakfast for the kids during our two hour  Saturday review sessions.  Jackson stays in his high chair for half the time, then roams the classroom. 

6. Irwin Reunion
There were at least 30 former staff members that gathered together at a friend's new house the other Saturday evening.  It was so very nice to be in an environment where everyone truly respects one another professionally and actually enjoys their company.  We exchanged stories and gossip about our new schools and snacked on an unlimited supply of food.  Last school year, six of us were pregnant (one with twins), so there were lots of babies to pass around as well.

7. K&W
Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but the K&W is not only one of my favorite places to eat; it's also one of my favorite places to take Jack.  Why?  Because old people cannot get enough of him!  Every elderly couple that passes by stops to talk to Jackson.  They always admire how handsome he is and what a good eater he is.  I don't care much for comments from people anywhere else.  Of course, Jackson eats it up and just smiles and flirts with whoever talks to him.  There's just something about the K&W and older people's sincerity and genuine happiness.  Plus, Jackson can easily eat everything they serve.

8. International Market
Jackson and I ventured to my favorite international market.  It's like a WalMart but each aisle has specific nationalities.  The produce and meat sections have all kinds of exotic finds.  I've never even bought anything there, but I love browsing.  I could seriously people watch in this store for hours.  Jackson was intrigued, but no more than he is at Aldi or any other store.  I guess everything looks bright and shiny with foreign writing to him.

9. Park
The warm, sunny weather has been incredible!  I took Jackson to the park for the second time and he was way more adventurous and curious this time.  I won't post pictures since I'm working on an entire post for that.  I love taking him places where he can explore and interact with other children.

10. Niece's Dance Recital
I was skeptical about how much I would enjoy the dance recital while entertaining a 10 month old.  Luckily, my sister, brother-in-law, and I passed him around to keep things interesting.  I was quite proud of my niece for rocking her clogging solo. I obviously didn't get to talk to my family very much, but it was still nice to be around them.  Jackson and I left shortly after her last dance because Jackson was getting cranky.  

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