Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here Comes Trouble

Holy cow, now that Jackson has finally mastered crawling, he is wasting no time at all on pulling up and taking steps.  He is definitely not ready to walk.  While Jackson has great balance standing and holding onto things, he leans forward too much while trying to take steps. 

I was sitting on the living room floor calling for Jackson, who was in the dining room slapping the back door.  Even though it was close to bedtime and Jackson was getting tired, he was still all over the place!  I took the sequence of photos below within five minutes.

"Mommy!  I'm coming.  Hold on..."

"Hmm, what's this?  You know I love shoes."
"Why did you put the phone up there?  Is Daddy going to call us?"

"Ugh.  I'll just get it myself."

1 comment:

  1. Fun, right? It's so freakin' fun (albeit, time-consuming) to watch our little guys get into everything!

    The shoe pic made me laugh. Yesterday, Jude unlaced David's boots for him!