Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's easy for me to forget how much time Jackson spends with his buddy Connor.    I leave before Connor arrives and return home from work after he is dropped off at his house.  While on Spring Break I was able to see just how much the boys interact throughout the week.  I also envisioned life with twins, glimpsed into life as a stay at home mom, and realized what different personalities the boys have.  I tried to take as many pictures as I could since Jesse is a much better care-provider than photographer.  Here are some action shots from the week:

Preparing for the weekly shopping trip

Sharing toys

Stroller wars

Ball eating contest

Band practice

Waiting for swim lessons

Wadin' in the water

Ridin' in style

I am really proud of how Jesse has established a routine.  While I give him a hard time for being able to nap on the job, wear sweatpants, and watch TV or read most of the day, I am impressed at how well he is able to feed, change, and nap both boys and still go to story time, grocery shop, and cook dinner.  Most importantly, I'm glad Jackson gets to spend each day with Jesse and Connor.

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