Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Jackson was only two weeks old last Easter. Jesse and I had one goal: to survive our marathon outing.  This year we were really looking forward to beginning our own Easter traditions and celebrating the day with our families.  Unfortunately, Jesse had to work and was unable to visit with my family.

Growing up, my mother used to scatter candy throughout our house.  When we awoke on Easter morning, we would race to collect the most candy.  Obviously Jackson can't/shouldn't eat a lot of candy, so we stuffed eggs with Goldfish and Teddy Grahams. 

 Jackson clearly didn't understand why there were eggs or what they were.  He had a good time rolling them around the floor.  He was so excited once I showed him that there were snacks inside.

In addition to the indoor Easter egg hunt, we prepared a basket with simple, inexpensive gifts.  

The three of us enjoyed a joyful church service.

After church Jackson and I headed to Gastonia to enjoy lunch and the traditional egg hunt with my family.  Jackson cracked me up during the egg hunt.  He was the only participant who can't walk yet, so he just sat in the grass and watched everyone else.  When his very mobile cousin walked nearby, Jackson helped himself to his basket full of eggs.

After lunch Jackson and I drove an hour to have dinner with Jesse's family.  Thankfully, Jesse was able to take off early from work and join us for dinner.  We enjoyed excessive amounts of food and conversation.

Easter was a joyous celebration filled with new traditions, worship, and family. 

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