Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two-Tiered Rock-n-Roll Cake

Okay, so "rock-n-roll" is a bit misleading.  Technically it's just a cake with music notes and the words "Avery Rocks" piped along the sides, but it went along with the rock-n-roll party theme.

I began by experimenting with melting, tinting, and creating candy pops.  This process was surprisingly easy and cheap.  The candy and tray cost a few dollars and sure enough, the candy pops came right out after 15 minutes in the refrigerator.  I made a few batches of different colored stars.

I made 2 two-layered cakes in a 4-inch pan and an 8-inch pan.  I frosted both cakes with vanilla buttercream icing dyed pink.  After watching a few YouTube videos, I stuck four wooden dowel rods in the center of the larger cake before placing the smaller cake on top.

I dyed some frosting purple and piped the letters along the side of the cake.  Then I placed the cake in the refrigerator so it could set.

The last step was the fun part.  I used purple and teal colored icing to create borders, then randomly inserted the stars in the cake.  Here is the final product:

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