Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Year Well Check

Jesse and I took Jackson to his one year well-check last Tuesday.  He is on track with each of his measurements and continues to be between the 25th and 50th percentiles for weight, height, and head circumference. 

8 lb, 15 oz
21.75 in
14 in
1 Month
11 lb, 1 oz
23.25 in
15.25 in
2 Month
12 lbs, 15 oz
25 in
15.75 in
4 Month
14 lbs, 4 oz
25.75 in
16.5 in
6 Month
16 lbs
27 in
17.5 in
9 Month
19 lbs
29 in
18 in
12 Month
21 lbs, 5 oz
30 in
18.5 in

We ran out of Jackson's reflux medicine a week ago and were waiting to refill it after we spoke to his pediatrician.  Unfortunately, Jackson has begun spitting up a couple of times per day within a mere week off of his medication.  We were hoping we could get a generic prescription since the dissoluble tablets are so expensive.  We were informed that Jack can't have the generic capsules because the capsules aren't available in a small enough dosage and we can't split them. 

His doctor wasn't concerned about any of our responses on the 6-page survey, even though he was marked down for not having distinctive words (besides MaMa and Dada).  It's no surprise that his highest scores were in the "personal/social skills" set.  Jackson is amazing at pushing his arms and legs through his clothes to help dress and undress.  He also conveys quite a range of emotions.

Here is how our ever curious boy passed the time while waiting for his shots:

Jackson had his first Chicken Pox and MMR shots.  The shots had to be administered in different legs, which meant a painful delay time.  Poor Jack wailed and didn't recover until we were in the parking lot. 

Our next appointment is his 15 month check in July.

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