Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Adventures

April has been an incredibly busy month for our family.  Between Easter, Spring Break, and Jackson's birthday, we've managed to have small adventures each week.  Here are some of the highlights:

--Apparently, the Easter Bunny terrifies Jackson.  Jesse and I took him to Bass Pro Shop where they have free pictures.  Jackson was perfectly content with Santa Claus, but horrified by the 6 foot rabbit!  He clinched onto Jesse's collar while being handed over to his arch nemesis.  This was the best photo I could get.

--Jackson loves the pool.  He especially enjoys the fact that it is shallow enough for him to climb in and out of.  I still had numerous Little Swimmers left over from our beach trip in October that actually fit.  Jackson was a pro at splashing around and chasing his bath toys in the pool.  We'll enjoy swimming more this summer when the water can heat up for a few hours beforehand. 

--Cow's milk has taken the place of formula.  I guess this is more of a milestone than an adventure, but it's felt like a journey getting this child to drink from a sippy cup.  He had a few nasty diapers at first so we ended up transitioning more slowly with half milk/half formula.  He now drinks a cup of whole milk during the day and one bottle of warm milk before bed.   

--Jackson went to his first major sporting event.  My school gave the 5th graders 20 free tickets to a basketball event at the arena uptown.  I was a bit frazzled after being told I had to check the stroller at the customer service desk as soon as I walked in.  It was challenging to occupy a one year old in the nosebleed section of an arena.  Since he doesn't walk, he was passed around by my colleagues and students for a few hours.  Jackson kept clapping and whipping his head around at every new sound and light.  This picture shows how distracted he was!

--Jesse purchased a toddler seat for his bicycle.  The boys have gone on brief bike rides along our street each day to try to get Jackson comfortable with the seat and helmet.  Jackson hates the helmet but likes going fast and being able to see everything.  They are two peas in a pod!

--In addition to celebrating his own birthday, Jackson celebrated birthdays of his MiMi, cousin Emily, and Uncle Scott this month.  This meant more excuses for food, more family get-togethers, and more car rides.  No matter how late it gets, Jackson is happy to love on his family!

--My teammates and I have been coming in early and staying late to interview a potential 5th grade teacher for next year.  There are currently 3 fifth grade teachers and 5 fourth grade teachers, so we know we'll need at least one more teacher on our team.  We narrowed it down to two teachers and invited them to come back to interact with the kids.  We are really pleased with one candidate and our principal offered him the job on Friday.  (He accepted.)  I'm really excited about this addition because I know there should be little drama and he has a strong teaching background! 

--Jesse and his mom went to a Val Halen concert last Wednesday.  Jesse won the tickets on the radio a while back.  Cameras weren't allowed in the arena, so I don't have any to post, but I think they were both surprised at how much they enjoyed the concert.

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  1. That precious grin on Jack in the pic with Mimi is exactly how I picture him in my mind. That kid has the most infectious little (HUGE) smile ever!