Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello, Growth Spurt!

This kid must be going through a serious growth spurt.  He's been napping 4+ hours each day, in addition to sleeping 12 uninterrupted hours each night this week.  Jack's also had a voracious appetite.  He's eaten multiple bowls of pasta, entire bean and cheese burritos, whole oranges and bananas, and chicken and dumplings. 

Jesse and I took advantage of the free Ikea breakfast on Monday morning.  This kid ate eggs, bacon and potatoes, then walked around Ikea like he owned the place. 

We had to put him in the cart once he arrived downstairs because there were too many items at his level that he could break. 

Jackson's also been excessively clingy around me.  He literally walks around while pulling on my pants and crying if I don't pick him up.  His overall demeanor is still very happy, he just needs extra lovin' from his Mommy. 

The last Jack update is he's had yet another tooth break through!  His lower canine came in, which is his13th tooth.  Based on how swollen his gum is on the other side, I suspect the 14th tooth is on it's way.  At nearly 15 months old, the only teeth that haven't come in yet are his upper two canine teeth and his second molars.  Clearly, we don't anticipate his second molars anytime soon, but he's been way ahead of average schedule. 

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