Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TTC Update

We're on Cycle #7 now.  At this rate, Jackson is going to be an only child. The length of my cycles range from 18 to 44 days, which makes timing conception a guessing game. 

My frustration level has risen tremendously this week!  I went in for a consultation two weeks ago.  My OB/GYN scheduled me to come in this past Monday for a 21-day progesterone check to determine if I am ovulating.  The problem with a 21-day test is that it's based on a 28-day cycle. Unfortunately, I started my period on Saturday, which was a 19-day cycle. There would be no point to do blood work since my progesterone levels would have dropped again and couldn't indicate ovulation. 

I was also scheduled to have an ultrasound to check ovarian cysts.  When I was 14 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound revealed a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my right ovary that caused some concern.  While the oncologist confirmed it was benign, my doctor wanted a follow-up ultrasound after my pregnancy.

The new plan is to go in for an ultrasound next Tuesday.  I will have to wait another two weeks for a progesterone check.  If I am not ovulating, my OB/GYN has already discussed prescribing Clomid.  I am just ready for answers.

Patience is a virtue.


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  1. Some of my favorite kids took forever to conceive ;)

    It IS frustrating and the worst kind of waiting ever. Praying you guys see 2 pink lines soon.