Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Weekend: Jesse's Perspective

Since Bonnie was otherwise occupied with her bridesmaid duties all weekend, that left lots of time for Jackson and I to spend together. We spent some time in the cabin. Jackson walked and climbed around the fireplace. That certainly wasn't toddler-proofed, but he managed to avoid busting his head open.
Our cabin

We watched Ellen's wedding rehearsal on Friday evening. Jackson desperately wanted to walk around indpendently, but there was not a square inch of flat ground. I held his hand and helped him walk down to the lake where we were attacked by bugs.
Watching rehearsal

Bonnie was busy all day Saturday which gave us some time to ride up to Mt. Airy and take in all the Mayberry good times. One of my favorite shows has always been the Andy Griffith Show. I have  seen every episode many times so I wanted to make a pilgrimage to Andy's hometown since we were close.

Jackson and I walked around Main Street. I bought Jackson a little teeshirt with Barney Fife on it. We went to the Andy Griffith Museum. However, the highlight of this trip was eating at Snappy Lunch. This was the first Mt. Airy landmark ever mentioned on the Andy Griffith Show. They are famous for pork chop sandwiches, so that's what I had. I wouldn't say it was life changing, but I wouldn't say it wasn't.
Pork chop sandwich

There was also a wedding and reception.

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