Monday, April 27, 2015

Accidental Big Boy Haircut

James' hair is so fine and straight. It grows very quickly and just hangs over his ears and eyes. 

I wanted to take James for a haircut, but Jesse felt confident that he could trim it. He took a pair of scissors to James' hair while James was in the bath. The result was almost zigzagged. I tried to straighten it, but failed to make it look any better. This was the result:

Knowing that we couldn't leave our son looking like a mushroom forever, Jesse buzzed it with the longest setting.

Here's our big boy with his summer haircut. The short hair makes his scar (not pictured) much more visible. And there are still pieces that were cut shorter. All in all, it's a significant improvement and I refuse to cut James' beautiful blonde locks any shorter.

Once it grows out, we'll take him to a real hairdresser for a proper cut.


  1. This proves that you take after your mother is some ways!

    1. It's true. Robinson women should not be allowed near children's heads with scissors.