Friday, April 3, 2015

Not Such a Good Friday

What we had thought were bad allergies proved to be much worse for Jackson Lee. He started screaming early this morning saying he couldn't open his eyes. Sure enough, they were completely matted shut. Multiple attempts at scrubbing his eyes with a wet washcloth still provided no relief.

Our pediatrician's office opens at 8 a.m. I called first thing and they were able to see him at 8:30. Jesse carried Jackson to the car. Jack's eyes were still closed and he was wearing his pajamas.

Eventually, they were able to open his eyes. He was given drops for pink eye (in both eyes) as well as antibiotics for a sinus infection.

We had planned to host a morning play date with one of Jackson's old classmates. Of course, we had to cancel. I had also wanted to end spring break with a family hike at the Whitewater Center, then have a picnic lunch at the Airport Overlook. Again, plans canceled.

As soon as the trio went down for a nap, I left to go grocery shopping. I had several lists to follow (Easter baskets, two different Easter meals, desserts for egg hunt, and meals for next week). When I was finally driving home, I witnessed a wreck while waiting at a stoplight. No one was injured, but another car completely swerved and t-boned the car in front of me. I stayed to write a witness statement.

I don't foresee the evening turning around, since we have leftovers for dinner and the kids are super cranky. It's not quite the end to our week of adventure that I had hoped for, but I'm thankful that Jackson will be on the mends quickly and I was not part of a wreck today!

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  1. Sounds sort of like my day...I hope Jack feels better!