Saturday, April 18, 2015

Silly Saturday

We had a fun day with the family, celebrating my niece's 12th birthday. After Jackson's party last week, she requested a "pink and teal checkerboard cake". While the teal didn't come through as well as I'd hoped, the overall cake was fine. It was another fun and simple cake that has a wow factor.

I rarely have to do anything for my own kids at family get-togethers. From the moment we pull into the driveway, the older cousins surround the van and unbuckle the kids out of their car seats. They even let the trio sit with them and feed them.

The highlight of the party was touring my oldest sister's new camper. Growing up, our family took cross country road trips in our motorhome. I could not stop laughing with my siblings as we reminisced and recreated some childhood memories in the RV. If only all the cousins could have create similar memories.

Of course there was also opening of presents, singing "Happy Birthday", and eating cake. James was attached to my brother, chirping for more cake.

Once home, we all had down time, then finally got to play outside. After a week of rain, it was nice to spend time outdoors. I never let the kids play in the front yard during the week because they always end up in the road. Jesse and I did our best to coral them, but they inevitably ended up in the road anyway.

Only eight more weeks before we can spend all day playing outside with two parents at home. Summer countdown is on!

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