Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cute Easter Cupcakes

Jackson's room mom (and friend of mine) asked me to make a "special Easter dessert" for their class egg hunt and party. I searched Pinterest and found lots of cute ideas, but some of them required more work than I was willing to put in for for a dozen 3 year olds. I decided to play around with candy toppings. Here was the end result I served at the school picnic:

And here's how I made them:

I made four dozen cupcakes (half chocolate/half vanilla) and a double batch of green buttercream icing. The toppings are bunny shaped Peeps and chocolate candy eggs.

I didn't have a grass tip, so I just piped on stars (using 1M tip) with green icing. This was tedious, but gave the illusion of grass.

I chopped off the bottom of the Peeps so they would be flat and sticky, making them adhere to the icing well.

Then I topped each cupcake with a Peep and 2-3 candy eggs.

Easy and adorable!

There ended up being plenty of extra cupcakes, so Jackson and I dropped a dozen off at his old school. His teacher had emailed me yesterday to let me know they still had Jackson's emergency change of clothes, alphabet book, and Valentines. It was fun to be able to surprise his old class and share a special treat.

The cupcakes were so well received by all the kids and adults from both schools.

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