Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Police Station Field Trip

We attended another mom organized field trip today. Our destination this afternoon was the local police station. We had an intentionally lazy morning because I needed the trio to take an early nap so they would be in good moods during the tour. I was struggling to let them sleep as long as possible, but to also pack lunches and the diaper bag, then get everyone in the van. Amidst all of this, I did not anticipate a total meltdown from Jackson. He refused to get dressed, then lost his mind when we couldn't find Clifford. It was ridiculous! He doesn't do as well when he doesn't have any kind of structure or schedule in the morning.

We were only eight minutes late, but we missed the police helicopter fly over the station, the interrogation room, and the weight room. We were still able to see and explore plenty of interesting things. One of the first things Jackson told Jesse about his visit was "The policeman gave us treats!" In fact, Jack spent over an hour this evening coloring in the coloring book he received. 

The hallways were a bit too cramped to let the trio out, therefore they were confined to the stroller or Ergo most of the time.  The only time I let them out was for the group picture. It's a good thing I did since they posed so nicely with the group. ;)

Maddie was especially proud of her official police badge sticker!

I walked with Maddie and Jack while my friend pushed James and Amelia in the stroller a few feet away. (They weren't buckled in, but they chose to sit in the stroller.) My friend sounded just like me answering all the standard questions "Yes, they're triplets." "They'll be two in July." "Yeah, she's busy."

The highlight of the tour (for Jack, at least) was looking at all the gadgets in the police car. I was secretly hoping the police officer would put one of us in handcuffs or let the kids sit in the backseat. No such luck.

He did let each kid take a turn wearing some of the safety equipment.

For someone who was adamant about not wanting to go the police station, get dressed, or leave Clifford, Jackson sure managed to have a great time and behave perfectly.

Many of the moms and kids headed to a nearby park afterwards. It's always easier to wrangle these three when I know there are extra pairs of hands and eyes to help if need be.

We had a fun afternoon, and came home later than I expected. After running around cleaning and cooking, I enjoyed a pleasant dinner on the deck with the family. 

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  1. My favorite picture of the whole post is Jackson in the bulletproof vest. I want to be part of your family...your kids have already experienced more than some of my students! :)