Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Wizard of Oz Halloween

After having so much fun as a Ninja Turtle family last Halloween and Chick Fil A's Dress Like a Cow Day this summer, I've been looking forward to another excuse for family themed costumes. I purchased very inexpensive Wizard of Oz costumes from another triplet mom last year. We had a lion, scarecrow, and Dorothy costume for the trio. That only left Jesse, Jackson, and me. My only goals were to dress as something easily recognizable and to spend as little money as possible. I'm proud to say that I only spent $30 for all six of us (excluding Amelia's ruby red slippers which were purchased by MiMi)!

I struck gold (or silver) at Goodwill with a gray shirt, pants, and silver vest for Jackson. After duct taping an old funnel, our Tin Man was ready to go. 
I decided to dress as the Wicked Witch of the West. I wore my black college graduation gown, borrowed a witch hat from a friend, and spent 98 cents on green face paint. Easy enough.
Jesse had originally planned to dress as the Wizard. A few hours before our Halloween event, Jesse decided that he didn't have a good enough Wizard costume and would feel out of place in a suit. We improvised with this $3 shirt from A.C. Moore and 50 cent roll of electrical tape. In less than 10 minutes, the yellow brick road was created. 

a "during" photo for the easy DIY yellow brick road
One of our newest Halloween traditions is to participate in a trunk or treat event with close friends. Just under a dozen families meet at a nearby park, decorate our vehicles, trunk or treat, play, and enjoy a potluck dinner together. I used the same electrical tape and a green plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Tree to create our Emerald City backdrop.

Here are all the kiddos dressed up (minus an uncooperative James):

After the previous night's fall festival, Maddie and Amelia mastered walking around and picking up candy.

Amelia had no limits and I had to repeatedly encourage her to return handfuls of candy back in the bowls.

James was still unsure. I had to hold his hand and walk him to each car, then pick up a piece of candy for him. When we reached our car, James dumped all of the candy from our basket into his bucket.

Here are a few silly family photos:

I get way too enthusiastic and take more pride than I should in our family costumes. I really hope the kids will look forward to this tradition for a few more years. Even if they wear one of their many play costumes at other Halloween events, I hope we can continue to follow a family theme for our annual trunk or treat.

We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!


  1. Flip Flops in October? I envy you.

    1. It was in the 70's! My face paint was running because of sweat. I wiped it off as soon as we took the last family picture. :) Of course, I wear flip flops in freezing temperatures, too.