Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy Anniversary--A Photo Journal of Our Relationship

I posted this status on Facebook earlier:

8 years, 3 college degrees, 2 cities, 4 addresses, 6 workplaces (schools), 4 cats, 4 kids, and thousands of memories later...Happy Anniversary, Jesse! Thanks for being by my side as we navigate this life together.

In honor of 8 years of wedded bliss, here are some of my favorite photos and moments we've shared together from the past decade:

One of our first dates--Winter 2004
How we looked every winter at ASU

Fall 2005--I was a waitress at Dan'l Boone Inn and always smelled like ham biscuits. 

Sophomore Year--long hair days

Summer 2006--Moved in together

December 2006--got engaged at Biltmore Estate
October 2007-Married

Joining one another's family

May 2008--Graduated ASU

Summer 2008--International Mission Trips (Dominican Republic/Haiti, Brazil)
Summer 2010--Enjoying Summers off together, chaperones at Montreat

July 25, 2010--Positive Pregnancy Test!

April 9, 2011--Day we became parents

May 2011--Graduated with Master's Degree

Summer 2011--attended so many concerts

Fall 2012--Family Photo Shoot

October 2012--Weekend getaway to celebrate 5th anniversary
April 2013--First Family Zoo trip
July 15, 2013--D-Day

Oct. 2013--This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Jesse

March 2014--Silly date night

July 2014--Triplets turn one!

October 2014-Family beach trip

October 2014--First Family-themed Halloween

Summer 2015--Lookin' good for date night

2015 Dress Like a Cow Day

Summer 2015--Family Mountain trip

How almost every outtake looks from the past 10 years!

Our marriage hasn't always been easy, but we both recognize how fortunate we are to have found one another. I look forward to many, many more years together. 

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  1. I remember that zoo trip of 2013! And love that Team Karen shirt in last pic. Thanks for the support!