Thursday, October 29, 2015

Reasons My Kid Is Crying

I hope we are at the peak toddler tantrum age, because I'm not sure I can handle an increase in meltdowns. The kids have excellent behavior during structured activities and outings. However, anytime they play informally, must wait for food, or simply don't want to do something, all hell breaks loose. Bottom lips start to quiver. Arms flail. Bodies roll around on the ground. Tiny tears fall. 

I'm very conscientious about preventing tantrums by addressing their basic wants and needs. I do my best to make sure they have food, drink, love, clean clothes, dry diapers, and engaging activities. When they do get upset, I try to be patient, get down on their level, comfort them, etc. Sometimes, the cause of tantrums are so mind-numbingly ridiculous that we all must suffer through. Here are six examples, all taken today, of why my kids are crying: 

She wanted to wear socks as soon as I painted her toenails. (They were still wet.)

I closed the pantry door.

She didn't want me to change her diaper after she pooped.

I gave him the wrong pacifier.

I took the nail polish away when I caught her painting her hands.

She wanted her milk in a different cup.

The sad part is that I could have easily photographed many other meltdowns. The incessant whining and irrational tantrums create one frustrated mom. I have to keep reminding myself that toddler tantrums are normal and healthy, and I survived the worst of Jackson's tantrums. We'll all survive this stage, too.

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