Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rainy Monday

With a forecast of rain, it was an obvious choice to find indoor entertainment for the trio. After dropping Jackson off on Monday, I took the kids uptown. I planned to go to the children's library. After missing the turn for the parking deck, I drove a few more blocks and decided to just go to the museum instead. I park on the top of the parking deck so we can walk across the bridge. The kids like to look down at the cars and people.

With the exception of a single class on a field trip, the museum was practically vacant. I love when we can leisurely walk through the museum without worrying about crowds. (This is why I prefer the uptown museum over Discovery Place Kids.) James nearly got his hand stuck trying to pet the bear. I wonder if he was expecting the bears to move like living animals.

The interactive globe is always a favorite exhibit.

We don't often make our way into the touch tanks, but we were able to since there were so few people. James tried to pick up the star fish, then made waves in the tank.

Amelia also touched the animals. Maddie declined.

The aquarium is another favorite. Though this museum isn't designed for very young children, they do provide step stools at all the aquariums.

Maddie started yelling while I was looking at the jelly fish with James and Amelia. I turned around, thinking she might have fallen. I, too, was alarmed to see a human arm descending into the tank with a hose. Apparently we arrived during the regular cleaning.

As predicted, Amelia sailed through the rope bridge effortlessly. James followed her lead slowly but happily. Maddie took two steps, reversed as soon as she felt the sway of the bridge, then demanded to be carried. These three are so very different.

The museum is in between temporary exhibits, so we spent longer than usual studying the frogs. One of the frogs jumped right up on the glass, generating giggles from all three toddlers.

The rain had lightened up and I'd already paid $5 for all day parking, so I chose to walk the kids to the library. The children's library has so much more available than books. I don't think I've ever taken the trio without Jackson. I enjoyed following their lead.  

We don't own iPads and we try to avoid letting the toddlers play on our phones. I was taken aback when I saw James and Maddie climb up and successfully use the touch screen computers. It's crazy that two year olds can create artwork, play music, and listen to stories--all by simply touching a screen.

I looked up at the clock and was alarmed to discover the time. We only had 40 minutes to walk back to the museum, buckle up, and drive to pick up Jackson (which took about 25 minutes). I hadn't planned to be gone so long and I didn't pack any lunch. Maddie kept saying, "I want eat. I want eat!" James and Amelia were increasingly fussy and not going to make it until 2 pm without food. Bojangles drive-thru saved the day!

We ended up having such a fun morning. At times I feel guilty about not being able to enroll the trio in preschool. Days like Monday remind me that I'm more than capable of providing my own kids with learning opportunities and time to explore their big world.

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