Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kannapolis Fall Festival

Saturday evening we dressed the kids and headed out to a local fall festival. There were several in the area, but this worked best with our schedule. We let Jackson choose his outfit. He decided to be a ninja. I can't understand why he loves this costume so much, considering he can't possibly see well out of it.

The trio wore their Wizard of Oz costumes. We'd been searching for ruby red slippers to complete Amelia's Dorothy costume. Jesse's mom just so happened to give us a pair the day before! Now we just need to work on Amelia's heel clicks and recitation of "There's no place like home."

Here's all four dressed up for their first Halloween event of the year.

The event promoted "trunk or treat, face painting, carnival games, train rides, inflatables, and lots of candy". The trunk or treat consisted of four vehicles/tents, which was more than enough for the kids. The triplets were timid to get out among the crowds. Their shyness wore off once they understood they could get candy.

Most of the games were geared for older kids. Maddie attempted the one toddler friendly game, with the help of Jackson.

We waited in line with Jackson so he could play some of the older games. It turns out he's pretty skilled with darts.

We waited even longer so Jackson could play in the inflatables.

There were way too many big kids to let the toddlers play in the inflatables. They waited patiently and gnawed through wrappers to eat their candy.

Maddie was an exceptional lion and had a very fierce "roar". Unfortunately, she stopped roaring when Jesse and I took this picture. Oh well!

James was content, but the one thing that truly made him smile was the train. We didn't even ride it because it was getting late and I still needed to cook dinner. Just watching the train provided enough excitement for James.

There was a steep hill and open field that proved to be perfect for rolling down. Jackson rolled down while his siblings scooted down.

It was all fun and games until James ran out of candy. Taking a piece of candy from Amelia left her utterly devastated.

This selfie pretty much sums up our moods as we left.

I'm not sure we picked the most inclusive, age-appropriate festival. Jackson had a lot more fun than the trio. I regret not packing sandwiches for dinner. Then we would have been able to eat, run around the field, ride the train, and play on the playground. I'll keep that in mind for next year.

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