Saturday, October 3, 2015

James the Bread Boy

James eats more than Jesse and I do some nights. Tonight he had three mini pot pies (crescent rolls filled with chicken, cream of chicken, and veggies), mac-n-cheese, yogurt, and a nutri-grain bar. Still, he banged on the pantry and cried for more food. 

This past weekend James climbed the pantry and opened a bag of stale buns. It was the only thing that calmed him down. He hoarded the buns before bedtime and watched "choo choo" trains on TV.

He sat in my lap and laid his bread on the side table. When the girls curiously wandered over, he possessively placed his hand over the buns and refused to share.

He went so far as to make himself a little bun sandwich, which he ate half of before bed.

The good news is that James loves meat, dairy, and fruit just as much as he loves his carbs. We now have a safety lock on the pantry door so we can end James' odd pantry raids.

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