Sunday, February 7, 2016


Yesterday we attended our nephew's 6th birthday party at a bowling alley. At 2.5 years old, it was the trio's first time bowling. I wasn't sure if they even made shoes small enough. The smallest they had was a size 6, which was just a little big for Maddie. Three toddlers in bowling shoes are exceptionally cute!

Since it was a kids party, there were plenty of ramps and the lanes had bumpers. James, Amelia, and Maddie simply had to push a ball down the ramp.

They couldn't carry the balls by themselves, so big brother Jackson helped them.

Jackson was equally excited whether he knocked down one pin or eight pins. He was the only one of our four who actually watched to see how many pins fell.

James was more interested in the bowling balls coming out of the machine. It's a small miracle he didn't get knocked in the head with as many times as he put his face in the opening.

We were surrounded by extended family which helped tremendously. I don't know if the kids would have been as attentive if it was just our immediate family bowling. There was so much excitement and distraction that they had fun when it wasn't their turn to bowl. 

Of course, we were there to celebrate the birthday boy! The kids had been eyeing the awesome Star Wars cake the whole time. They happily sang "Happy Birthday" then waited in a line while the cake was sliced.

The girls were no longer interested in bowling after cake and presents. The boys alternated with other party guests to finish the game.

It was a really fun party with family, and a great way for the trio to have their first blowing experience.

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