Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunshine Therapy for Amelia

Words cannot express how insane Amelia can make me. In general, Amelia is very sweet and silly. However, when she's in a bad mood or not feeling well, her tantrums and whining can become quite unbearable. She is intense about everything.

Amelia was still her crazy, screaming self this morning. It has been a literal wrestling match buckling her in the car seat lately. After dropping Jackson off this morning, we headed to a park a few minutes away. Amelia protested  and sat in the adjacent parking space. Thankfully we were the only people in the entire lot. This particular park is always strangely empty.

She still refused to move and became even angrier when I put her in the wagon.

After fifteen minutes of pouting, Amelia finally chose to join her siblings.

Praise God, it seems the sunshine was all she needed to resume her typically sweet demeanor. She tickled James and hugged him until he fell over. The two were intertwined in a fit of laughter.

The trio played in the sand and went for a walk. I skipped my morning Zumba. Everyone was finally content; I didn't want to jinx anything.

After an hour and a half at the park, we headed home for lunch and a bit of downtime. Then it was off to pick up Jackson. The 70 degree sunshine demanded our time outside. I headed to another wooded park. In case I was confused by his actions, Jackson declared, "I'm in a grumpy mood. I'm going to sit in this tunnel and I'm not going to play." The trio and I explored while Jack had downtime.

Five minutes later, Jackson asked me to take a picture of him posing as Peter Parker. (He clarified that he couldn't be Spiderman since he wasn't in costume.)

We took the long trail back to the parking lot so we could search for treasure, aka pine cones and sticks.

I didn't realize how much I've missed Amelia's smiles and giggles. I hope we're turning a corner back to more relaxed, pleasant days.


  1. Amelia looks so grown up in that bottom picture. Which two parks are these? I ALMOST texted you to say we would be at the Huntersville athletic fields today - they have two playgrounds, but nothing "wow," We need some new parks.

    1. This morning we went to Flowe park which is way out in Concord. This afternoon we went to Reedy Creek. I hope you're having a better week. Have you taken B to Hornets Nest by Latta? That's the one with the obstacle course and playground. It's spread out but has lots of sidewalks.

  2. Thanks! So far I am having a better week! Last week I had someone close to me diagnosed with melanoma, I pulled a muscle doing practically nothing and had to stay in bed one day which meant no B, and any plan I made during the week seemed to go wrong or just canceled all together! Ugh. So far this week is better, but it is chemo week so just by standard it's not a great week, lol. And my mom and I are going to try to give up treats today (cookies, candy, cake, cupcakes, chocolate, brownies etc) but we're not totally eliminating sugar - just the EXTRA sugar. Thanks for sharing your blog by the way, you are a fantastic writer - i always feel I am there with you!