Thursday, February 4, 2016

CFA, Broncos Day, and Park

Over the past two months I've taken the trio to Chick-Fil-A a handful of times to fill the hour long gap between preschool drop off and exercise classes. We eat breakfast before school, but I just need an indoor area close to the school so I can kill time before Zumba. It costs $2.19 for three chicken minis. I give James, Amelia, and Maddie a tiny biscuit, then let them play in the kid's area. 

I didn't give the kids any fruit this morning so I ordered a fruit cup. The manager was working the register. For whatever reason, when he repeated my order, he said, "Okay, that would be a promotional chicken mini and fruit cup. No charge." I don't know why he gave it to us for free, but I didn't argue.

They had only a few minutes to play. I still ended up being late to Zumba because Maddie freaked out about Amelia opening the door when it was Maddie's turn. These are the things that matter in their little world!

After the gym we have an hour every day to play and eat lunch at home, then it's back to preschool to pick up Jackson. While most schools across Charlotte are having Panthers Day, Jackson's teacher is a hardcore Broncos fan. Jackson wore his Panthers shirt to school, so I was surprised to see him wearing a tie-dyed Broncos shirt when I picked him up. Apparently they tie-dyed orange shirts yesterday and the whole class wore them today. That's a dedicated teacher and Broncos fan!

It was a bit cooler and wet today, but still warm enough to play at the park. The kids are so good at checking the slides for puddles before they try to slide down. Once they get the all clear, they race to see who can slide down first.

Maddie has been keeping up with everyone. She's still not quite as strong as the others, but she's so determined!

After I just wrote about how Jackson's behavior had improved again, he was a terrible listener this afternoon. He pushed Maddie down so he could get to the top of the slide first. Two minutes later he went down the slide as soon as James did, then literally kicked James off. There were multiple incidents in a row where he was being way too rough, impatient, rude, etc. I know siblings will rough house, but he blatantly ignored me when I asked him to stop/wait, then he'd look at me and say, "No!" That earned him some quality time sitting on the steps while the trio played.

Once Jackson agreed that he would make better choices (which conveniently coincided with the timer on my phone going off), we all wrote in the sand. It was too wet to really play in the sand, but it was the perfect texture to draw. We each found a stick and had a great time drawing and writing.

Overall, it was a pretty good Thursday.

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  1. I read somewhere that Charlotte Chik-fil-As were giving away 3 piece chicken minis on Thursdays, but I totally forgot to get over there myself!