Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DPK Sans Stroller

Jesse took the whole day off for a 30 minute dentist appointment. While I expected us to have a family day together, Jackson still had preschool and Jesse wanted to run some errands. It was still a nice, relaxed day because Jesse could help with preschool drop off/pick up and the triplets didn't have to spend nearly two hours in the van. I really do hate the preschool commute!

I took the trio to the museum while Jesse was out and about. I've been using a single umbrella stroller, just so one can sit and the other two have something to hold onto while they walk. James, Amelia, and Maddie are becoming reliable hand holders and are finally able to safely navigating parking lots. I felt confident enough to go without any stroller today. 

The museum was surprisingly empty today, which made it a much more relaxing experience. Of course, the trio still huddle together regardless of how much space they have.

I've been letting the toddlers practice using scissors and correcting how they hold writing devices. The cutting is still a challenge, but they're having fun exploring.

Our favorite play area of the day was the vet's office. There were new, Maddie-approved dress up clothes and lots of stuffed rats from Ikea. Maddie is so expressive; she kept making me laugh. 

She took her role very seriously.

James spent most of his time "washing" and drying the animals. Really, he just loves the blow dryer that blasts air.

Amelia came up with some unusual uses for the microscope. I don't know what exactly she was pretending to do, but she was very serious about it.

The true test was whether or not the kids would hold hands and walk back to the van after nearly two hours of playing. They weren't quite as cooperative, but we made it back to the van safely and without any tears. I consider it a success. It was just another example of how independent my babies are becoming.

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