Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Playlist

I don't own an iPod, but if I did I would create a playlist with these five songs and keep it on repeat.  The Christmas season makes me want to hear children singing, sing inspiring lyrics, and make associations with fond memories.

1. Christmas Canon by Transiberian Orchestra
This is currently my favorite Christmas song.  It combines the memory of meeting Jesse down the aisle at my wedding with my secret love of boys choirs and Christmas music.  (I also love

2. Better Than a Hallelujah by Amy Grant
These lyrics pretty much sum up my faith.  I love every word of this song.

3. Heal the World by Michael Jackson (FYI, song doesn't begin until 1:05 on video but I love the pictures.)
This is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.  It reminds me of my Irwin children who sang this song at their PTA program.  I listen to it with a new perspective now that I work with so many refugee students this year.

4. Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant
For the record, I am not obsessed with Amy Grant; her songs just happen to get stuck in my head.  Some of my former youth group members and I did a liturgical dance to this song in front of 1,000 people at Montreat a few years ago.  It was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I've had.  Listening to this song instantly calms me and slows me down.

5. Angels Among Us by Alabama
I cannot hear this song without immediately hearing Mom sing this song.  I vividly picture her wearing a pink robe and going through presents in the spare room across from the guest room.  (The miscellaneous room that also housed the guns, a stationary bike, countless spools of thread, and all other random junk.)

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