Friday, July 5, 2013

Clean Freak: Lawn Mower Edition

Jackson has certain obsessive behaviors involving cleanliness.  He isn't a total clean freak.  He can leave a trail of watermelon juice in the kitchen, sprinkle shredded cheese on the floor, and leave dirty clothes on the floor.  Yet, if he spills something on himself, he will immediately take his clothes off and cry "dirty, Mommy".  He says "big mess" if he spills his blocks and starts singing the Clean Up song. 

His most anal obsession is his lawn mower.  Every Saturday morning, Jesse and Jack cut the grass together.  When they are finished, Jesse flips the mowers over and sprays them down with a hose to remove the grass clippings.

Since it has been so hot, we filled Jack's pool with water this morning so it would be a nice temperature after his nap.  Jackson insisted on dragging his lawn mower in the pool to clean it.

Before long, his pool was filled with grass clippings, but he certainly enjoyed himself!


  1. A really nice lawn mower. Was it bought in Ikea? My youngest toddler has also expressed a vast interest in such machines as well as in lawn mower videos for kids which we have found on youtube one day and he got excited ever since.