Monday, July 29, 2013

Meet Madeline

Madeline Lucinda, better known as Maddie, is our smallest and neediest of the three.  She has the most medical concerns, albeit minor, including reflux and a heart murmur.  She experienced growth restriction in utero and was born well over a pound smaller than her brother.  She lost over 10% of her birth weight within a week and was prescribed Zantac twice daily to help with reflux.  Because of her reflux, Maddie sleeps upright in the swing and is the most held among her siblings.

For the most part, Maddie is very calm and quiet.  We recently discovered her love of bath time.  She was the only one totally peaceful in the warm water.

We call Maddie our little gremlin.  Her receding hairline and pointy ears remind me way too much of Gollum.  Strangely cute!


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  1. You did not just compare that sweet baby to that ugly thing :p