Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Coming Home Outfits

I finally started packing my hospital bag.  I've got a few nursing gowns and tanks, along with plenty of maternity clothes and granny panties to wear.  If everything goes as planned (which life rarely does), I will have my last biophysical profile next Monday, July 8 and a scheduled C-section on Monday, July 15.  That's a pretty ambitious goal that I desperately hope to achieve, but I have learned during this pregnancy that I no longer have control over my body.

As far as the babies' clothes, we aren't sure if the babies will be in preemie or newborn clothes.  At my 34 week ultrasound, each baby was weighing over 5 pounds, so I would suspect they will weigh at least 6 pounds when they are born.  I packed both preemie and newborn clothes just in case.  I won't always make the girls match, but we have plenty of coordinating outfits.  Here are the newborn coming home outfits:

I guess we'll find out soon enough if they fit.

Yes, my stomach is large enough to hold all three outfits up without touching them.  And that is indeed how the babies have been positioned the past two weeks, with three heads in my ribs.

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