Monday, July 29, 2013

Meet James

James Presley is our resident heifer.  He is the oldest, biggest, and loudest of the trio.  When he is hungry, the whole house knows it! He can most often be spotted eating or in a milk induced comma.  The boy does not play around when it comes to feedings.  He latches like a piranha and guzzles so quickly (bottle or breast) that eating most always ends in hiccups.  Jesse and I frequently refer to him as a toad.

Due to James' size, he is always the big spoon.  He tends to gravitate towards his sister, Amelia, the most.  The two almost always find each other if they are placed in the same space.

James is the typical boy when it comes to bodily functions.  He burps like a grown man after every feed.  He frequently grunts, passes gas, and gets hiccups.  His sneezes are ridiculous and typically come in sets of 4-6.  And he poops nearly every two hours.  

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