Friday, August 23, 2013

1 Month Old

Keep in mind, most of this information is no longer current now that the babies are almost six weeks old.  This is a reflection of their routines at 1 month old.

sleeping habits:
The babies are pretty easy to get to sleep and have settled into a routine of eating every 3 hours.  After eating, changing, and swaddling around 9 p.m. the babies wake again around midnight, 3, 6, and 9.  Sometimes there is an extra feeding in the mix.  James and Amelia sleep in their crib in the nursery.  Generally speaking, all three are able to fall asleep on their own immediately after eating and being swaddled.  If one of them has a hard time going back to sleep after a middle of the night feeding, we put them in the swing until the next feed.  Madeline has been sleeping in the pack-n-play in our bedroom because she is a bit more needy with her reflux, wakes more frequently, and takes longer to eat. 

eating habits:
I've gone back and forth about feedings but have decided that exclusive pumping works best for us right now.  Each baby consistently eats 3 ounces of expressed breastmilk every 2-3 hours.  I have supplemented with formula (Enfamil AR), but no baby has taken more than 2 ounces of formula on any given day.  Some days all three have to take one bottle of formula before bed.  Most days we don't need to use any formula at all.

James-Follow voices and toys (mobiles, hanging toys). 
Amelia-Lift head and upper body up occasionally during tummy time, shimmy across the floor.
Madeline-Cuddle with her siblings and other family members, sleep through anything! 

-Nursing has been frustrating as the babies like to snack throughout the day rather than eat at one setting until they are full.  Pumping and feeding 3 ounce bottles has ensured that the babies are getting enough and are able to be satisfied for 2-3 hours until the next feed.
-Madeline still spits up multiple times a day, despite an increase in her dosage of Zantac.
-Getting out of the house!  So far we have gone to the doctor's office, family members homes, and church.  We are getting faster, but it is quite the ordeal to make sure everyone is fed and changed, diaper bag is restocked, and babies are loaded in carseats in the van.

All three surpassed their birth weights within 3 weeks. 
They are each mild-mannered.  All three babies tend to cry only if they are hungry, gassy, or need a diaper change.

special notes:
People have come out of the woodworks to visit the babies.  Of the past 31 days, we have had at least one visitor on all but two days.  While I am proud to show off the babies, I'm not a fan of people coming to "help" when I just want to spend time with my family. 

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