Thursday, August 15, 2013

1 Month Postpartum

I guess the belly hang is to be expected when you rapidly deflate an 18+ lb baby belly.

Symptoms: I am happy to report that all heartburn, pelvic pain, difficulty breathing, carpal tunnel, swelling, etc. completely disappeared within a week after delivery.  Postpartum "symptoms" are direct results from C-section and breastfeeding.  They include back ache, numbness in the incision area, frequent headaches, and sore nipples. 

Energy: After those last few weeks of the pregnancy, I feel like I could run a marathon now.  The first week after the C-section was rough, but all energy and mobility has returned completely now.  Thanks to all of the naps, I really don't feel drained. 

Mood: As far as post-partum hormones, I feel so much more stable than I did after having Jackson.  Of course, I was already taking anti-depressants throughout this pregnancy so I'm sure that is the biggest contributing factor.  So far, no baby blues.  I do find myself increasingly impatient with Jackson, but the boy has had some full blown tantrums with all these adjustments.

Cravings: Obviously I don't have any pregnancy cravings, but I have a voracious appetite due to breastfeeding.  I eat and drink a glass of water between nearly every feeding, even the middle of the night ones.  Jesse and I have been blessed to receive regular meals and have not had to cook the entire month.  As always, I love sweets after meals.
Sleep: We feed the babies around 8:30 and are normally able to get all four kids in bed by 9 p.m.  Jesse and I sleep hard until 11:30/12 when the babies wake up for their first feeding.  Changing, feeding, burping, and pumping takes a good hour, then I get another two hours of hard sleep.  This routine continues until 7 or 8 a.m. Our whole family also takes a late afternoon nap.  I feel significantly more rested than I did while pregnant. 

Maternity Clothes:  I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans and t-shirts, but nothing looks especially flattering.  I prefer to wear my long flowing skirts with maternity tops because they're so comfortable and easier to nurse in.
What I miss:  Rubbing my giant belly, watching my stomach move as the babies rolled around.
Concerns: I am nervous about losing my temper with Jackson when Jesse goes back to work next week.  Jack is quite the Daddy's boy and I tend to lose my patience with him when he's rough with the babies.

OB notes: C-section went smoothly from an OB standpoint, though I thought it was dreadful and the most unnatural way to possibly bring life into this world.  Here are some quick medical stats on my C-section experience and recovery:

Day 1 (day of C-section)
  • Stayed with Jesse and babies in recovery room for two hours while spinal wore off
  • Bed was rolled to post partum room, was given ice chips and apple juice
  • Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, etc were all closely monitored
Day 2
  • Catheter, blood pressure cuff, IV, and compression socks were removed
  • Ate first meal after fasting for 30 hours (awful oatmeal!)
  • Severe back and abdominal pain, took Percocet and Ibuprofen every twelve hours
  • Crying episodes, felt such pain every time I got in and out of bed my teeth chattered
  • Continued to pass dozens of golf ball sized clots, felt dizzy when standing
Day 3
  • Was given shot in buttocks to increase contractions and help stop bleeding
  • Walked around L&D floor (very slowly and painfully)
  • Blood was drawn to check hemoglobin levels
  • Finally showered and dressed in regular clothes (granny panties, nursing bra, yoga pants, maternity shirt)
  • Wore belly binder to help stand up straight
Day 4 
  • Milk came in
  • Discharged from the hospital
  • Staples were removed, steri-strips were placed over incision
  • Increased Percocet and Ibuprofen to every 6 hours 
Days 5-11
  • Weaned myself off of pain-killers
  • Steri-strips fell off, (peeled off last few)
  • Went for very short walks around mall and neighborhood
  • Experienced brief crying episodes
Days 12-20
  • Drove to store
  • Carried car seat, babies, groceries
  • Continued to wear belly binder
Days 21+
  • Continued to have postpartum bleeding
  • Held/carried Jackson
  • Resumed all normal activity

Best Moment this Month:  Coming home from the hospital with three healthy babies!

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  1. I have followed your blog, through Katie! I had twins back in April and can relate to your pregnancy and post pregnancy symptoms SO much! I literally could breathe better as soon as I pushed Baby A out!! And I swore I would never be able to eat and breathe at the same time again ;) Congrats on your three little healthy bundles :)