Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Best/Worst Big Brother

Jackson can be an amazing big brother.  He is very hands-on and genuinely helpful.  It's remarkable to me what has become second nature to him.  When Maddie spits up, he goes to get a burp cloth and clean her.  If a baby is fussing, he gets up and gives the baby a pacifier without even thinking. 

When I'm feeding the babies, he tries to bottle feed a baby. 

I frequently catch him gently rocking a baby in bouncer, giving kisses, singing, or reading to them.

And for every amazing brother moment I witness, there are equal moments of terror.  Some are unintentional incidents where Jackson doesn't recognize his own strength while hugging babies. 

At other times his attempts at being "helpful" result in harm, such as picking up babies or turning the babies over for tummy time.  And there are just times of carelessness where he is oblivious to his surroundings. 
Then there are occasions where our sweet boy becomes completely possessed by Satan himself.  Those are the moments where Jesse receives a text in the middle of the day stating, "I can no longer guarantee the safety or well being of your oldest son."  Such behaviors include hitting, biting, scratching, kicking, and sitting on the babies.  A wrath comes over me and I find myself turning into my own mother. 
I am just waiting for the day when the good moments out number the crazy moments. 


  1. haha this post had me laughing so hard! i dropped kristen, tried to smother her with a blanket, hit her, pushed her, threw rocks at her... all intentional btw. i wanted to be an only child.. i hope you have more good moments than my parents did, lol

  2. " A wrath comes over me and I find myself turning into my own mother."

    I nearly wet my pants with laughter and, unfortunately, understanding...such is motherhood.