Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Activity Time

We follow the EASY (Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your Time) routine.  It's been interesting coming up with "activities" for three 6-week-olds.  I make every effort to keep the babies awake for an hour or more after they eat so that I know they will sleep well.  I try to vary their positions as much as possible due to my paranoia about flat heads.  Each baby can be found doing the following things each day:

1. Swing--We have two swings upstairs and two swings downstairs.  The swings upstairs are better designed for infants and have mobiles, lights, music, and sway from side to side.  The swings downstairs are better for once they can sit up. 

2. Walks--We go for a walk in the stroller every single day, whether it's around the neighborhood or in a store.  The babies enjoy being outside and are great out and about.

3. Tummy Time (on the floor)--I try to put the babies on their tummies after every feed.  Inevitably, James falls asleep.  Amelia army crawls away.  And Maddie just spits up on her siblings and then smears it on her own face. 

4. Floor Mats--Both James and Amelia have learned that they can reach for toys.  Of course, the hand-eye coordination hasn't been mastered, but they are exploring and interacting.  Madeline's a bit behind in this area.

5. Lap Time--Each baby spends quality one-on-one time in my lap every day.  I normally move their legs to "ride a bicycle", make them do Wheels on the Bus hand motions, clap, sing, etc.

6. Bumbo--This is the newest addition to our activities.  Surprisingly, Maddie's the best with head control, followed by James, then Amelia.  They don't spend more than two or three minutes sitting right now, but they are practicing and getting better. 

7. Boppy--I prop the babies up on the boppy pillow after the morning feeding (face up) and then turn them over for some tummy time after they're changed and dressed.

8. Bouncers--We have two bouncers upstairs and a bouncer downstairs.  So far, none of the trio enjoy the bouncer as much as Jackson did.  Much like the activity mat, James and Amelia are discovering the toys and beginning to interact with them.  I love the bouncer because they are so portable. I can place them on the counter, take them in garage, or leave them on the floor and rock with my feet.

9. Pack-n-Play--Sometimes I just toss a baby (or two, or three) in the pack-n-play.  While this doesn't provide a whole lot of stimulation, it's a safe, comfortable place for them to be.  They almost always nap in a pack-n-play.

10. Sibling Interaction--This overlaps everything, but it is very rare that the babies are not beside one another or being harassed by their big brother.  Jackson provides an adrenaline rushing aspect of "Oh no!  What is my brother going to do to me now?" 

And the triplets serve as pacifiers, pillows, and listening ears for one another.

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