Friday, December 13, 2013

Foundations Quad LX Stroller

Not gonna far I hate this beast.  I've only taken it on walks around the neighborhood because the double and Ergo is so much easier right now. 

Here are the disadvantages to this stroller:
  • It is SO heavy.  According to the website the assembled weight is 84 lbs!  I can't imagine folding it up and lifting it out of the van by myself. 
  • It's wider than I expected, which makes me nervous to take it out in public.  I have no clue what I would do if I had all four kids strapped in and I couldn't fit through the doorway.  I had a hard enough time staying on the sidewalk.
  • There is a bar/rail that goes along the front, but it just snaps off if the slightest bit of weight is put on it.  I chose to take it off because I was worried Jack would accidentally lean on it and fall forward.
  • The canopy is so long and the stroller is so tall that I can't see everyone.  There is a tiny mesh rectangle that I can bend down and peek through to see the girls, but I have no view of the front two seats.  I kept stopping to make sure James was still content. 
  • The front seats are so open; there's nothing to catch any fallen objects.  James dropped his pacifier and Jackson dropped Clifford. 
  • There is no cup holder.  I never carry my purse with me.  I'm accustomed to putting my phone, keys, and water bottle in the two cup holders of the snap-n-go.  I don't like not having quick access to those items. 
I don't know that I'll ever grow to love this stroller, but I'll get used to it.  It's really easy to maneuver, very spacious, and I got a great deal on it.  (It retails for $500, but we purchased it for $375, including taxes and S&H.)  Once the babies outgrow their infant carriers, I'll be forced to use the quad stroller more frequently.  Since the seats are designed to fit children up to 50 lbs, I expect to be able to use this stroller for at least two years. 

I hope to give a more positive review in the coming months as I become more comfortable using it.

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