Monday, December 30, 2013

Introducing Solids

Since the babies received lots of food for Christmas, I decided to try rice cereal for the first time tonight.  We introduced solids for Jackson when he turned 4 months old.  Knowing that James, Amelia, and Maddie are my last babies, I've been in no rush this time around.  Still, all three have shown signs of readiness and they are a mere two weeks away from 6 months old.

I refuse to discard any breastmilk if it wasn't consumed, so I mixed the rice cereal with formula.  The babies were in good moods and it was in between feedings, which made me think we would have a successful first attempt at solids. I lined our new high chairs up in a row.

James proved to tire very quickly.  He wanted nothing to do with sitting in the high chair or eating.  He just cried and let the cereal dribble down out of his mouth.

Amelia loved every part of feeding.  She wanted to grab the spoon and feed herself.  She opened her mouth each time and happily consumed everything she was given.

Maddie wasn't the most comfortable in the stiff high chair, but she enjoyed her meal in the comfort of her daddy's lap.

I don't know how I'm supposed to balance feeding all three at the same time!  We've all mastered bottle propping so all three are fed in under 15 minutes.  Our first attempt with rice cereal involved lots of fussy, attention-seeking babies, and that was with two adults.  I'm certain it will get easier when they are able to feed themselves finger foods, but until then, this is just another challenge I'll have to figure out. 

Update: Just since posting this, I've received advice from fellow triplet moms.  It was suggested to use one bowl/one spoon and go down the line.  Babies can sit in bumbos, bouncers, high chairs, etc, as long as they are upright enough to eat and comfortable.  If one baby takes too long, skip him/her and keep going to the next baby.  Keep alternating until the bowl is empty.

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  1. And that's why you have triplets. The one bowl, one spoon approach would gross me out, the way babies spit and drool when eating. *shudder* FYI, not surprised Amelia rocked the food...moo!